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Nova Lista Iptv

Nova Lista Iptv
Nova lista Iptv Atualizada

Updated Iptv List United States 2020


Today I come to share one more united states iptv list updated working 
all closed tv channels
Hd and Sd Channels

Complete and free list 2020

To facilitate all new lists of the Uunited States will be included in this post.
Some channels can run for a few minutes and switch automatically, to avoid this, 
activate the repeat mode on the vlc or another player using the list.

List compatible with all all players for android, smart tv, iphone and others 
that uses streaming technology.
Updated Iptv List United States
IPTV for PC - Vlc Player How to avoid switching channels see here

To use the list just copy and paste
The lists of the United States will be kept here in this post,
 but if you want a list of other countries click here


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